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Banquet and event menus

Banquet and event menus are carefully planned. Local food like game, berries, mushrooms and herbs are strongly presented.
Cocktail appetisers

We recommend 2–3 pieces/person, price 4.00 €/piece, minimum order 10 pieces / type.
Cocktail appetisers are served with a welcome drink either when guests arrive or when guests are already seated at the tables.

  • Salmon tartare and pickled cucumbers
  • Small toast skagen and roe
  • Smoked elk mousse with brioche bread
  • Local cheese and seasonal jam
  • Herbal vegetable bruschetta (vegan)

The Noormarkku festive menu

52.00 €/person (min. 30 people)

Sugar-salted rainbow trout and shrimp sour cream

Warm-smoked salmon and mustard sauce

Pike roe mousse

Bean and vegetable salad with chilli beef and coriander

Cheese, rocket salad and sorrel with nuts and honeyed lingonberries

Cold smoked deer and green salad with egg halves and cream vinegar sauce

Dill potatoes

Cured local game and blackcurrant sauce

Bread selection and salted butter


Herb-roasted elk made with elk meat of Ahlström forests, game sauce

Cheesy thyme and potato gratin

Cherry tomato and vegetable ratatouille (vegan)


“Naked cake” with seasonal berries (strawberry, raspberry or cloudberry)

Coffee and brewed tea

Rôtisseurs buffet

68.00 €/person (min. 30 people)

Fish and salad buffet

Cream cheese filled salmon rolls and oven-dried herb tomatoes

Caesar salad with cured ham, mustard dressing and croutons

Potato salad with cold-smoked pike

Cold cuts

Beef pastrami

Venison with season’s chutney

Elk meatballs and mustard mayonnaise


Brie cheese with lingonberry syrup

Carvery table 
(the chef will do the carving)

Roasted elk from local forests

Locally produced pork

Mushroom sauce

Seasonal vegetables with herbal cheese and potato gratin

Sacher cake, liqueur cream and berry melba
Cremé brûleé with cloudberries

Coffee and brewed tea

The Rotisseurs selection can also be served directly to tables, so that the main course is served. The menu includes appetisers, a plate of cold cuts, a main course (two kinds of meat) and a cake or dessert. The menu is prepared for min. 10 guests. The price of the menu when served directly to the table is 72.00 €/person.

Buffet du chef

50.00 €/person (min. 30 people)

Our chef prepares a festive buffet using seasonal ingredients. The menu is not published in advance; it is a surprise menu and includes an appetiser table, a main course, coffee and a gateau topped with whipped cream and seasonal berries, or alternatively a dessert.

Menu du chef

61.00 €/person (min. 10 people)

Our chef prepares a festive three-course served menu of the season’s best ingredients. The menu is not published in advance; it is a surprise menu and includes an appetiser, a main course and a dessert. 

Beverages to pair with food

While you are selecting a menu, we will be happy to help you choose suitable drinks to go with the food.


Please contact our sales for banquet and event reservations
tel. +358 50 518 3677 or 

Take a look at our wine list.


Party guests can book comfortable accommodation including breakfast.