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Champagne A.Bergère Sélection Brut
15.00 €/12 cl • 81.00 €/75 cl         

France, Champagne
Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Bright, golden yellow colour. Beautifully balanced aroma with floral and fruity notes. The flavour is citrusy, fruity and delicately toasty.

Champagne Arnaud Margaine Brut 
85.00 €/ 75 cl

France, Montagne de Reims
Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Refreshing, earthy and lemony. Vegan champagne with a passionate and character-full flavour.    

Champagne Arnaud Margaine Demi-Sec 
85.00 €/ 75 cl

France, Montagne de Reims
Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Refreshing, earthy and lemony. Vegan champagne with a touch of sweetness.          

Sparkling wines

Robert De Nola Cava Brut
8.00 €/12 cl 40.00 €/75 cl

Spain / Catalonia
Macabeo, Parellada, Xarello

A dry, pleasantly acidic, almondy and fruity Catalan Cava.
Sparkling wine is at its best as an aperitif, but it pairs up nicely with appetisers.

Riefle Cremant Brut Blanc de Blancs
12.00 €/12 cl 58.00 €/75 cl

France, Alsace /
Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris

The aroma is elegant with fruity and brioche notes. The flavour of the wine is very dry, richly fruity and florally aromatic. As an aperitif. A tasty pairing for fish, shellfish and salads.

White wines

Bodega Piedra Negra Pinot Gris Alta Colección
10.50 €/16 cl  42.00 €/75 cl       

Argentina, Pinot Gris

A freshly fruity, tasty and modern white wine.

Pflüger Buntsandstein Riesling
12.00 €/16 cl  48.00 €/75 cl

Germany, Pfalz,
Riesling, 100%, organic wine

A bright, pale yellow colour. Flavours bring out the wide fruity flavours with a hint of spiciness and honeyiness. A charmingly well-balanced package. Residual sugar: 5.0 g/l. To be paired with crustaceans, fish and white meat.    

Paco & Lola Albarinho NO 12 
11.50 €/16 cl  45.00 €/75 cl

Spain, Riax Paixas

A semi-dry white wine. This wine has a fresh, fruity aroma, in which notes of lemon, mandarin and lychee can be detected. To be paired with fish, fowl, shellfish and salad.          

Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc II
14.50 €/16 cl   56.00 €/75 cl 

Germany, Pfalz

With an aroma that contains notes of white currant, gooseberry and tropical fruits. The fresh acidity and spiciness create an effective package. A fresh and elegant wine to start with, for socialising and to pair with food. Residual sugar: 7.7 g/l.

William Fevre Domaine Chablis
16.50 €/16 cl 65.00 €/75 cl

France, Chablis AOC

A crisply acidic and earthy Chablis. The flavour is refreshingly lemony with a hint of toastiness, and it is elegantly balanced. Pairs excellently with sophisticated seafood dishes. Also pairs well with mild and soft cheeses.


Tupinier Bautista Bourgogne Blanc 2020
63.00 €/75 cl

France, Bourgogne

An oaky classic. A freshly citrusy wine with a buttery mouthfeel.
A versatile food wine.        

Netzl Gruner Veltliner Ried Rothenberg Hoflein
14,50 €/16 cl 59,00 €/75 cl

Austria, Gruner Veltliner

A freshly acidic and multidimensional wine, an excellent choice with salads, shellfish and fish. 


Rosé wines

Pflüger Blanc de Noirs
13.00 €/16 cl  52.00 €/ 75 cl

Germany, Pfalz,
Pinot Noir, vegan

A dry and sensually fruity wine. This rich wine has a balanced acidity, and it is ideal for socialising and for pairing with vegetables, fish and shellfish.

Provence Rosè Chateau Rout Couer Du Rouet 2021
49.50 €/75 cl 

France/ Cotes De Provence

A bottle full of Provence sunshine! Works as an aperitif and when paired with light meals.       


Red wines

Le Versant Syrah  
11.50 €/16 cl 44.50 €/75 cl

France, Languedoc-Roussilon

A well-balanced and complex flavour with plenty of dark berries, dried fruits and pleasant spiciness. To be paired with beef, cheeses, game and grilled food.

Apâtsâgi Pinot Noir
14.50 €/16 cl 56.00 €/75 cl

Hungary, Pannonhalma
100% Pinot Noir

A brick-red wine with a gorgeous bouquet of ripe cherries, herbaceousness, dark chocolate and liquorice. The elegant wine tastes versatile with meat dishes, both with game bird and good tenderloin steak and dark wild mushroom sauce.


Rivetto Langhe Nebbiolo
17.50 €/16 cl   70.50 €/75 cl

Italy, Pienmonte,
Nebbiolo 95%, Barbera 5%

An organic and biodynamic wine

This cherry-red wine has an aroma with notes of cherries and spices. Striking tannins and well-balanced acids make the wine elegantly nuanced.  A versatile food wine to be paired with veal, mutton, reindeer and different types of small game dishes.

Via Nostrum Corbieres 2018
11.50 €/16 cl   44.50 €/75 cl 

France, Languedoc-Roussilon

A silky, tannic and full-bodied flavour. The bouquet is full of bilberry, blackberry and blackcurrant. The grapes are 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache. To paired with a good beef steak or with mutton.

Red wines by the bottle

Château Puybarbe
74.00 €/75 cl

France, AC Cotes de Bourg
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec

The best harvest of the old Château Puybarbe farm in Bordeaux has been distilled into this wine. A velvety and elegant tannic wine that is a great fit to accompany rich meat dishes and mature cheeses.

Marqués del Puerto Reserva 2011
50.00 €/75 cl

Spain, Rioja
Tempranillo, Mazuelo

A supple, dry and full-bodied red wine to go with cheeses and grilled food.


Château du Cedre Cahors 2020
60.00 €/75 cl

France, Haut-Pays Cahors

A dark, smoothly full-bodied wine. To be paired with rustic meat dishes and game.

Tupinier-Bautista Pinot Noir 2020
66.00 €/75 cl

France, Bourgogne, Mercurey Villages
Pinot Noir

Classically full-bodied! An elegant wine with soft tannins. A high-quality choice for the best meat dishes.


Dessert wines

Moncucco Moscato d´Asti
8.00 €/8 cl

Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

A blend of well-balanced aromatics and charming delicacy. As an aperitif and to be paired with summer desserts.

Quinta do Vallado White Port 2020
9.50 €/8 cl

Portugal, Douro

A deliciously summery Port to go with ice cream, creamy desserts and cheeses.


Quinta do Vallado LBV Port 2017
11.50 €/8 cl

Portugal, Douro

A glass of vintage crowns the evening. Pair with a chocolate snack or a cheese plate

Steininger Riesling Beerenauslese
12.00 €/8 cl

Austria, Kamptal

Pale golden colour. Sweet, fruity and honeyed aroma. A delightful flavour rich in dried fruits and honey, balanced out by Riesling’s acidity. Residual sugar: 104 g/l.


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