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Party facilities

The Noormarkku Club

The Noormarkku Club has three rooms of different sizes, with space for 10–220 guests. The banquet hall is equipped with a stage and modern AV technology.

people10–220 people
smart_displayData projector

Villa Ett

Villa Ett has enough space to host dinners for 35 people and cocktail parties for 40 people. A generous buffet spread will be set up in Café Strömfors, the Viennese café downstairs. The garden can be accessed from the atmospheric glass porch. 

The small cabinets upstairs are available to party guests.

people5–40 people

Other party facilities

The Koli sauna on the banks of the Noormarkunjoki river provides a comfortable setting for parties. There is enough room at the table for about 20 people. During the summer season, there is also a spacious terrace with river views.

The Ahlström Voyage exhibition is housed in a unique space. The large exhibition space is well suited for cocktail events and Christmas events serving mulled wine. A guided tour of the exhibition can be included in the party’s agenda.

Havulinna was completed in 1901 and is available for business use. In addition to the party facilities, Havulinna has 19 bedrooms. Havulinna’s reservations always include accommodation.

Party guests can accommodate comfortably in the guest houses.


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