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Group menus

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Menus for groups 1.5.-21.8.2022

The ironworks’ seasonal menus prepared using the best ingredients of the season. The menus are carefully planned, paying close attention to using Finnish ingredients and the importance of local food. The game, berries, mushrooms and herbs come from the ironworks’ grounds.

Seasonal menus can be booked for groups of at least six people and at least four working days in advance.

To book a seasonal menu for a group, please email or call +358 50 518 3677.

Cocktail appetisers 4.00 €/piece

Recommendation: 2–3 pcs/person, min 15 pcs/type

Cold-smoked pike, cucumber and sour cream with roe
Toast skagen
Mouhijärvi cheese and local jam
Local game salami, cheese and red onion marmalade
Tomato and basil bruschetta

Wine recommendations
Robert De Nola Cava Brut  40.00 €/75cl
Keya Chiaretto Classico Rosé 48.00 €/75 cl

Summer menu 52.00 €/person

Mozzarella from Mouhijärvi and Nams tomatoes from Pori
Wine recommendation: Paco & Lola Albarinho NO 12    45.00 €/ 75 cl

Fried whitefish from Satakunta and butter wine sauce, potato terrine, stewed fennel and summer carrots
Wine recommendation: Pflüger Bunt Sandstein Riesling  48.00 €/75 cl

Milk chocolate sorbet with raspberry compote and pistachio sauce
Wine recommendation: Moncucco Moscato d’Asti 8.00 €/8cl

Works menu 62.00 €/hlö

Cold smoked pike tartare with pike roe, dill cucumbers and mustard sauce
Wine recommendation: Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc II    56.00 €/ 75 cl

Beef tenderloin steak from a local farm with maitre d’hotel butter and ratatouille
Wine recommendation: Via Nostrum Corbieres 2018  44.50 €/ 75 cl

Vanilla panacotta, rhubarb soup and strawberries
Wine recommendation: Quinta do Vallado White Port 2020  9.50 €/ 8 cl  

Rotisseurs menu 82.00 €

Amuse bouche 
Wine recommendation: Champagne Arnaud Margaine Brut  85.00 €/ 75 cl

Fried scallops with cauliflower purée, browned butter made with truffles from the Ahlström’s grounds and malt bread crumbs
Wine recommendation: William Fevre Domaine Chablis 65.00 € /75 cl cl

False morel soup with a Grand Reserve cheese pastry
Wine recommendation: William Fevre Domaine Chablis  65.00 € /75 cl 

Elk tenderloin, bearnaise and game sauce with Hasselbacka parsnip
Wine recommendation: Tupinier-Bautista Pinot Noir 2020  66.00 €/ 75 cl

Strawberry ice cream and marinated rhubarb, white chocolate cream and oat crumble
Wine recommendation: Steininger Riesling Beerenauslese  12.00 €/8 cl

Vegetarian menu 48.00 €/person

Mozzarella from Mouhijärvi and Nams tomatoes from Pori

Fried goat cheese, false morel and barley risotto and seasonal vegetables

Rhubarb sorbet with vanilla sauce and berries

We recommend for the whole meal
Champagne Arnaud Margaine Brut  85.00 €/ 75 cl
Champagne Arnaud Margaine Demi-Sec  85.00 €/ 75 cl

Menu du Chef 65.00 €/person

A four-course tasting menu made with fantastic seasonal ingredients.
Wines can be selected from the current wine list at the restaurant.  

Bon appetit!

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