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Menus for groups 1.5.2024-10.9.2024

The ironworks’ seasonal menus prepared using the best ingredients of the season. The menus are carefully planned, paying close attention to using Finnish ingredients and the importance of local food. The game, berries, mushrooms and herbs come from the ironworks’ grounds.

Seasonal menus can be booked for groups of at least six people and at least four working days in advance.

To book a seasonal menu for a group, please email or call +358 50 518 3677.

Cocktail-snacks for starters 4,70 €/piece

Recommendation 2-3 pieces per person. min. 15 pieces

Cold smoked crustade
Toast skagen
Small bread with smoked venison mousse
Vegan Cavi-art bread

Champagne Gardet Brut Tradition 92,00 €/75 cl
Cava Point De Ferro 8,50 €/12 cl, 40,00 €/75 cl

Ahlström’s menu 66,00 €

Roasted venison, Waldorf salad, roasted nuts and dark bread
Château Haut-Blanville Grande Réserve 12,50 €/16 cl, 47,00 €/75 cl

Roasted white fish, white wine sauce, potatoes and roasted cherry tomatoes
Dr. Josef Köhr Weissburgunder 14,00 €/16 cl, 47,00 €/75 cl

Pavlova with local berries
Falezza Passito 11,50 €/8 cl, 50,00 €/50 cl

Classic menu 69,00 €

Salmon carpaccio and goat cheese from local Mouhijärvi cheesery, rucola, Chef’s lemon vinaigrette
Riffel Binger Reisling Quartzit Trocken 14,00 €/16 cl, 52,00 €/75 cl

Roasted venison with balsamic glaze, fresh asparagus, béarnaise sauce and roasted potatoes
Beronia Reserva 14,50 €/16 cl, 50,00 €/75 cl

Panna cotta with roasted almonds and strawberry melba
Falezza Passito 11,50 €/8 cl, 50,00 €/50 cl

Rôtisseurs menu 82,00 €

White fish ceviche
Eric Louis Pouilly-Fumé 16,50 €/16 cl, 68,00 €/75 cl

False morel soup with cheese pastry
Eric Louis Pouilly-Fumé 16,50 €/16 cl, 68,00 €/75 cl

Roasted venison fillet, red wine sauce, butter with garden herbs, seasons root vegetables and Skåne potatoes
Pierre Troupel Châteauneuf-du-Pape 92,00 €/75 cl

Local cheese with rye cracker
Pierre Troupel Chäteauneuf-du-Pape 92,00 €/75 cl

Crème broulée and limoncello marinated raspberries
Falezza Passito 11,50 €/8 cl, 50,00 €/50 cl

Menu du Chef 64,00 €

 A weekly menu with three courses made with the season’s finest ingredients. Wines can be chosen from the wine menu at the premises.

One menu is chosen for the whole group (min. 6 persons). Please let us know all the special diets before the event.

Bon appetit!

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