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À la carte

The Noormarkku Club restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday at 17.00-21.00.

The Club’s kitchen closes at 20.00.

To book a table, please call +358 50 518 3676 or visit our online store.



Goat cheese salad G, L 12,00/18,00 €

roasted goat cheese, honey nuts, crunchy lettuce and balsamic syrup

Shrimp sandwich L 12,00/18,00 €

hand peeled shrimps, egg, mayonnaise, dark bread

Main course

Elk burger L 22,00 €

elk patty, emmental-cheese, arugula, pickled red onion, worcester-mayonnaise, country style fries

Roasted white fish G, L 32,00 €

spinach in white wine and potato purée

Venison Wallenberg G, L 35,00 €

potato purée, buttered peas, lingonberry

Vegetarian burger L 19,00 €

vegetarian patty, emmental-cheese, arugula, pickle-mayonnaise, pickled red onion, country style fries


Rhubarb pannacotta with strawberry melba G, L 12,00 €
Lemon cake with meringue G, L 14,00 €
Hand made chocolates (2pcs) from local chocolate factory 4.50 €

100 Years Anniversary Menu 67,00 €

Asparagus soup and a cheese twist L

Venison tartar G, L
capers, egg yolk, mustard and red onion

Roasted white fish G, L
spinach in white wine and potato purée

Rhubarb pannacotta with strawberry melba G, L

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

The Noormarkku Club restaurant has been awarded the prestigious Rôtisseurs plaque. The plaque has been awarded as an indication of the high quality of the food, carefully selected ingredients and quality service.

The Noormarkku Club’s kitchen honours traditional recipes and culinary traditions while also creating new gourmet sensations. The best recipes are passed down from one chef to another over generations. The restaurant serves seasonal delicacies, game from forests owned by the company and wild and local food.