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Makkarakoski sawmill museum

The museum introduces the entire life cycle of the sawmill, because initially the Makkarakoski sawmill operated with water power, then with steam power, and finally with electricity. A similar sawmill is unique in Europe.

At the heart of the ironworks area, the Makkarakoski sawmill was in operation for over 200 years. There was a fire at the sawmill in 1875, and the current sawmill was built on the same spot already in the same year. The sawmill’s original machinery and equipment dating to the late 19th century remained in place after the sawmill’s operations ceased in 1956. Nowadays, opening the sawmill’s doors is like stepping into a past world, because everything in the sawmill is as it was – only the workers are missing.

The unique Makkarakoski sawmill museum can be visited with a guide, either on a public or private tour. 

The exhibition space does not have disabled access.