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Guided tour of Makkarakoski sawmill museum

event 29.07.2022
schedule klo 14.00
place Makkarakoskentie 34B
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The guided tour of the sawmill museum starts at the Ahlström Voyage exhibition (address Makkarakoskentie 34). From there, it is a short walk with a guide to the sawmill museum next door.

The Makkarakoski sawmill is located in the heart of the Noormarkku Ironworks, and it was converted into a museum in 2014. At the museum, guests will see a Finnish sawmill’s entire lifecycle, because the sawmill originally ran on hydropower, then on steam and finally on electric power. It is probably the only sawmill of its kind in Europe.

The Makkarakoski sawmill was in operation for over 200 years. There was a fire at the sawmill in 1875, after which the current sawmill was built on the same spot. The frames of the current Makkarakoski sawmill stopped in February 1956. At that time, the original sawmill equipment dating to the late 19th century was left as it was. Therefore, the sawmill contains a piece of industrial history that has remained untouched for nearly 60 years.

The duration of the guided tour is approximately 60 minutes, and the price is 20€ per person. Bought in advance online: 18.00 €/person.

Reservations for the tour from the e-shop (select Guided tours), tel. +358 (0) 50 518 3677  or